Hello, I’m Ana!

Welcome to A Tiny Bit of Hope, a space created for single moms to find inspiration and motivation to move forward towards their ideal lives. 

I’m a 30-year-old single mom living here in the Philippines. I have two beautiful children who bring me so much joy every day. Right now, I am working as a freelancer. But hopefully, someday, I’ll be able to fulfill my dream of having my own business.

I still have a long way to go, but I also want to congratulate myself for getting here (Yay me!).

Why A Tiny Bit of Hope?

I owe at least a quarter of my achievements to always hoping for the best. Seriously. I know it takes hard work and perseverance, but that one tiny bit of hope was what got me out of bed. It’s hard to be a mom, and even harder to not have a partner to share the burden with. Sometimes, even just the thought of “maybe tomorrow will be different” is enough to make me move forward. I wasn’t even expecting for better, just different.

My goal is to be able to connect with fellow single moms to build a community filled with strong and passionate individuals. I want us all to have the lives we’ve always dreamed of having. Some of us may already be there, some halfway, some not at all. But despite all that, I hope we can all share stories and experiences that will empower us to continue and be better.

Bonus Round!

I was also raised by a single mom 🙂

I love Kpop!

And I am currently trying to get back my love for reading. Wish me luck!

Bonus Bonus Round!

What about you, are you also a single parent? Do you also love kpop? Feel free to share them below. Hope to talk to you soon!

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